International patients often make use of our services and facilities due to the sometimes high costs of first-class aesthetic dentistry work in their own countries.  We can offer you a more reasonable alternative to your local health facilities, providing you with the quality workmanship you desire, combined with the advantage of currency fluctuations.  In some cases you can quite comfortably afford international travel, flights, accommodation, and our medico-dental fees for less than that of the same work done in your own country.

Not only are you able to receive the dental treatment you have always wanted, but you get the opportunity to visit one of the richest and most spectacular cities on the African continent.  Our travelling section can arrange all your bookings, excursions, flights, accommodation, and much more, on your behalf.  We can organise accommodation ranging from self-catering units and B&B's to 5-star luxury hotels and exclusive guest houses.

Our staff will be more than willing to supply you with the information you require.
For more information, please contact us.