Why Implants?

Feeling Good about Yourself

Each time we look at ourselves in the mirror, we feel what we see, and this can greatly affect our confidence, daily functioning and ultimately, our quality of life.

Missing teeth:

  • May limit your range of foods and affect your nutrition
  • Can affect relationships and make you feel socially isolated
  • Can cause movement of adjacent teeth
  • Can place stress on remaining teeth leading to further tooth loss
  • Can lead to bone loss making dentures difficult or impossible

For years the best solution for missing teeth were bridges, removable partial or full dentures - all with their own set of problems. Dentures feel unnatural, and place more stress on the mouth, remaining teeth, and bone structures.  Historically, fixed bridges came as close as possible to the feel of natural teeth; however having bridges necessitates "cutting down" and crowning natural healthy teeth to support the bridge.

Implants: The Solution!


  • Feel completely natural
  • Let you eat and chew all types of food
  • Improve your taste if you are wearing dentures
  • Give you back your natural 'bite"
  • Give you a natural smile - better than with your originals
  • Make you feel confident and part of society again
  • Have an approximate 98% success rate

Gives You Life Again!

Implants are in many ways more robust and effective than Mother Nature's own teeth, making the choice to have implants an obvious one.